Breeding is something that should not be taken lightly, or become a spontaneous event. Yet hundreds of thousands of people have the idea of breeding their beloved pet.


But why?


"I want her to have a mommy experience before we spay her."

"I always wanted to raise puppies!"

"It's a profitable business."

"Because I can."


These are very common ideas, none of which are a true reason to breed. Do not be fooled! Your pet does not need a "mommy experience". If you want to raise puppies, adopt or foster. Though it *can* be profitable, if you are doing it for the money then you are no better than any other backyard breeder out there. Just because you CAN do it, does not mean you SHOULD.


Registered breeders are the ones who have had their animals checked for quality, and breed for quality. They do not take their job lightly. Most of these breeders also participate in shows, meaning their choice of show dog happens to be one of the best specimens of that breed.


Backyard breeders are the ones who have decided to dive into the breeding "business". Often their animals are not checked for quality (mental and physical), and they also tend to breed a single female dog more times in a year than a registered breeder would. This can cause issues in the female dog, and even in the puppies before or after they are born. Mill puppies unfortunately fall under this category, most of which can have mental and physical issues, which not all are lucky enough to escape euthanasia due to certain issues. Their living situations are way below acceptable.


Opt to adopt - don't shop.

Unless you have found a registered breeder who can provide you with references and allows you to meet the puppy's parents, adopt instead. Not only will this save money up front but also in the long run. If you are unsure of the breeder, you do not have to buy from them.


Many dogs are in shelters and foster homes, and have a higher need for homes than someone's batch of puppies. Ironically a lot of the dogs who end up in rescues and shelters are purebred (without papers) or one of the many desireable mixes.


Research before you buy, or opt to adopt.